Monday, February 17, 2014


So here is my first post in Plots and Pickaxes! I've created this space as a place for me to share my ideas and thoughts with the world. I'm also hoping to write some book/movie reviews and talk about upcoming trends in both areas.

I am an aspiring author so I'm probably going to write often about my book and short stories. I may possibly post a few of them on here at some point as well. I am a co-leader of a writing club so there's a strong possibility of my talking about those things here as well. I'm also hoping to have some posts about writing itself. 

The rest of the blog will be spent talking about life, the universe, and everything (including the number 42). Seeing as I'm a self-labeled nerd I am sure to talk about (but not limited to): Anything Science fiction related, Fantasy, British television, video games, D&D, and crazy things I find online.

Well now that I've managed to send half of you away, and the other half to sleep you've gotten the idea that this blog is sure to be a hodgepodge of random, sometimes helpful-most of the time not- stuff.


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